VET BVL Polytechnic


Highlights of November 2019-20 Results
  • Pass Percentage of Results - 60%
  • No of distinctions - 70
Sl.No Name Class/Sem Department Percentage
1 Aman Kumar V CS 80
2 Anitha S V CS 82
3 Bharath M R V CS 86
4 Chetan Kumar V G V CS 76
5 Dheekshitha M V CS 79
6 Gnanesh K V CS 91
7 Harish Kumar S V CS 75
8 Jeevan R V CS 89
9 Karthik Reddy V CS 79
10 Keerthana S V CS 75
11 Pradeep R S V CS 77
12 Priyanka G V CS 81
13 Swetha M V CS 85
14 Deeraj R III CS 79
15 Indu P III CS 82
16 Logeshwaran s III CS 78
17 Pallavi D K III CS 80
18 Stella B III CS 75
19 Sunitha I R III CS 79
20 Anusha Gunashekar I CS 92
21 Bhavya Y I CS 83
22 Jeevan Kumar Krishna Balegar I CS 85
23 Milan Sodari I CS 77
24 Pavan B I CS 82
25 Pavana R I CS 75
26 Sandeep R I CS 84
27 Vallarasan K I CS 75
28 Anand R III EC 79
29 Rajeev C III EC 84
30 Adithya D I EC 83
31 Anu M I EC 84
32 Mahendra Keerthi I EC 80
33 Pushkar D I EC 91
34 Raju C I EC 85
35 Thejaswini M I EC 86
36 Prem kumar S V ME 75
37 Rahul C D V ME 75
38 Chandrashekar R V ME 74
39 M D Numan Pasha I CE 83
40 Tharun kumar R III CE 78
41 Lalitha Murthy III CP 81
42 Spoorthi K III CP 79
43 Vidyashree GM III CP 81
44 Vinthu P III CP 78
45 Monisha P I CP 76
46 Usha Rani R I CP 78
47 Veeresh G I CP 76
48 Aanchal Lokesh I FT 79
49 Bhavya shree R I FT 80
50 Divya C I FT 82
51 PoojaS I FT 77
52 Bhoomika R III FT 81
53 Dakasha M III FT 76
54 Harshitha V III FT 82
55 Laskhmi Neelamdari III FT 75
56 Manvitha R III FT 84
57 Nagashree C III FT 81
58 Shalini K P III FT 78
59 Shobitha S III FT 82
60 Vidya shree R III FT 75
61 AG Harishree V FT 88
62 Aishwarya R V FT 80
63 Aruna G V FT 81
64 Kavya shree V V FT 85
65 Nandini M V FT 76
66 Radhika M V FT 76
67 Ruqsana Tavassum V FT 82
68 Simran Taj V FT 85
69 Swetha Rani N V FT 80
70 Tejaswini R V FT 81
Ramaiah Techno Fest 2018-19

Final year students of Computer Science & Electronics & communication Engineering students participated at Ramaiah Techno Fest on 21st,22nd & 23rd Feb 2019

Students had an opportunity to exhibit their projects and Electronics & Communication students won Thrid Prize for the project "IOT & RFID based smart ration shop" & awarded with Rs. 10,000 cash prize & Trophy.

Sl.No Project Title Name of the Students Sem/Course
1. "Implementation of vehicle safety, drowsiness detection and alcohol intoxication detection" Amith S, Shiva Kumar S Hiremat, Yatish S, Talavaru Bheema VI Sem CS
2. Machine Learning Methods for Heart Disease prediction with claims data Nandini R P, Tejaswini A, Sonu C, Dileep Kumar K VI Sem CS
3. Wi-Fi & blue tooth based smart lawn sprinklers controller Naveen D, Ravi I, Praveen K, Prashanth K, Suhash V VI Sem EC
4. IOT & RFID based smart ration shop Jayalakshmi, Manjunath Gowda, Chetan V, Ranjith Kumar, Yogesh B VI Sem EC
Engineering Fair

Students of VI Sem CS, EC & ME were accompanied by Kum. Rashmi.D L/CS, Smt. Indira Gajendra L/EC & Mr. Rohit Gurav L/ME. Students were given platform to exhibit their projects organized by Sir. M. Visvesvaraya Industrial & Technological Musuem on 15th, 16th & 17th of March 2019. Students also participated in paper presentation & Quiz competition. Rahul C.D IV Sem ME & Hemanth II Sem EC won III prize in Science Fair Quiz competition.

Furore 2019

Students of VI Sem ADFT participated in Intercollege National Level Fashion show on 18-03-2019 at Dayanand Sagar College of Engineering.

Projects for the Academic Year 2018-19
Computer Science Department
  • Machine Learning Methods for Heart Disease prediction with claims data
  • Protection of crops and proper Usage of Rain water, using satellite communication and wireless sensor network
  • IOT based smart city
  • Implementation of vehicle safety,drowsiness detection and alcohol intoxication detection
  • Vision IOT based road hump and speed breaker detection and storing geographical data in cloud
  • Implementation of IOT based smart villages for the rural Development
  • Division and Replication of Data in the cloud for optimal performance and security( DROPS)
  • Any Time Medicine (ATM)
Commercial Practice Department
  • Supreme Overseas Exports India Pvt Ltd
  • Karnataka Vidyuth Shakthi Karkhana
  • Dhonti Weld Technology
Civil Engineering Department
  • Porous Concrete
  • Preparation of road with bitumen made out of waste plastic
  • Green Campus
  • Use of recycled plastic bottles in concrete blocks
Electronics & Communication Department
  • IOT & RFID based smart ration shop
  • Wi-Fi & blue tooth based smart lawn sprinklers controller
Engineering Fair organized by Sir M Visvevaraiah Industrial & Technological Museum on 15th, 16th & 17th March 2018

Students gave project presentations on the following topics

  • Wireless gas sensor the detect hazardous gas leakage in gas pipeline
  • Vehicle to Vehicle Communication
  • Electronic Demonetization
  • Consolation Prize for Inter College Quiz Competition Won by EC Students.

Final year Computer Science Engg. Students took part in Inter college Computer fest organized by Department of Computer Science at SJ Polytechnic on 27-03-2018.

Faccio 2018

Fashion Technology students participated in Faccio – 2018 Intercollege Fashion Fest organized by VET First Grade College on 28th March 2018.

Students designed the traditional Kalamkari theme with trendy western silhouettes and won third prize & were awarded with trophy and certificates.

Tekno Fest 2018 at Ramaiah Polytechnic, Bangalore

Final Students from Computer Science Engg., Electronics & Communication Engg. & Apparel Design & Fabrication Technology with zeal and enthusiasm in presenting their projects at Ramaiah Polytechnic on 22nd and 23rd March 2018.

  • Wireless gas sensor to detect hazardous gas leakage in gas pipeline by Mr. Chethan M H & Chandrashekar, VI Sem / EC
  • Vehicle to vehicle communication by Surya R & Santhosh M , VI Sem / EC
  • Electronic Demonetisation by Raja S & Hariprasad, VI Sem / EC
  • Cloud IOT based RFID, GPS Smart ticketing for BMTC by Suhas V Naik & Somesh J , VI Sem / CS
  • A secure and verifiable access control scheme for Big Data storage in clouds by Pradeep Kumar P N & Bhaskar M A, VI Sem / CS
  • Cockpit white box by Chandana J & Vasantha Kumar D, VI Sem / CS
  • Gown by Bhoomika & Group, VI Sem / ADFT
  • Western Gown by Vijayashree & Group , VI Sem / ADFT

Final year Computer Science Engg. Students took part in Inter college Computer fest organised by S J Polytechnic on 20-03-2017

  • First Prize: Presentation for latest IT trends by Sahana K V, VI Sem / CS
Culrav – 2017

Polytechnic students are participated in CULRAV 2017 organized by V E T First Grade College on 19/02/2017 and they gave tough competition to the Degree Stream students, ADFT Students designed alluring outfits for “Chocolate theme” which was appreciated by the audience and was also published in Deccan Herald Newspaper

  • First Prize: Coding & Debugginh by Naveen K & Pavan Kumar M , CS
  • Second Prize: Group Song by Ashwini & Group, ADFT
  • Second Runner up: Miss Culrav 2017 by Nithyashree J Patel, ADFT
Teknofest – 2017 at Ramaiah Polytechnic

Polytechnic students are participated at Teknofest – 2017 at Ramaiah Polytechnic, Bangalore on 28/02/2017 and 01/03/2017

  • First Prize: Garbage Collection process using Android Application by Mujahid Pasha & Musadiq Ahmed, VI Sem / CS
  • Second Prize: Security Operations with wireless secured communication & tracking Device by Archana S & Sahana K V, VI Sem / CS
  • Third Prize: Lighting Theme by Arpitharaj C N & Group, VI Sem / FT

Torque – 2017

Polytechnic students participated in Inter college Fest organized by Baldwin Polytechnic Torque -2017 students won prizes in 22 events and the glory of winning overall trophy for the fourth time.

  • First Prize: Photography by Tejaswi Devang , ADFT
  • Second Prize: Foot Loose by Megharaj R, Civil Engg.
  • First Prize: Solo Singing by Ganga R J , ADFT
  • First Prize: Solo Dance by Megharaj R, Civil Engg.
  • Second Prize: Group Singing by Ganga R J & Group, ADFT
  • First Prize: Group Dance by Ashwini & Group , CP
  • Third Prize: Duo Dance by Megharaj & Ashwini
  • First Prize: Mad Adds by Umesh & Group , ADFT
  • First Prize: Mockrock by Arpitha & Group, ADFT
  • First Prize: Fashion Show by Arpitha & Group, ADFT
  • Third Prize: Short Film by Umesh & Group, ADFT
  • First Prize: Ekabana by Supriya & Group, ADFT
  • Second Prize: Pick & Speak by Karthik Kumar S, CP
  • Second Prize: Mehendi by Tejaswini , ADFT
  • Second Prize: Connections by Nainisha & Group, ADFT
  • Third Prize: Connections by Rohan & Group, CS
  • Second Prize: Sketching by Sushmitha , ADFT
  • Third Prize: Sketching by Banupriya, ADFT
  • Second Prize: Rangoli by Arpitha & Group, ADFT
  • Second Prize: Face painting by Supriya , ADFT
  • First Prize: Flameless Cooking by Supriya & Group, ADFT
  • First Prize: Quiz by Archana & Group, CS
  • First Prize: Dumbcharades by Sahana K V & Group, CS
  • Second Prize: Collage by Nidhi & Group, ADFT
Intercollege competition conducted by VET First Grade College Culrav – 2016
  • First Prize: N F S Gaming
  • Second Prize: Group Dance
  • Second Prize: Coding & Debugging
  • Third Prize: Fashion Show
  • Third Prize: Group song
Inter college competition conducted by Baldwin Polytechnic – Torque 2016
  • First Prize: Group Dance by EC students
  • First Prize: Sketching by ADFT Students
  • First Prize: Mock Rock by ADFT Students
  • First Prize: Debate by CS Students
  • First Prize: Quiz by CS Students
  • First Prize: Fashion Show by ADFT Students
  • First Prize: Face Painting by ADFT Students
  • First Prize: Ekkebana by ADFT Students
  • Second Prize: Rangoli by ADFT Students
  • Second Prize: Mad adds by ADFT Students
  • Second Prize: Connections by ADFT Students
  • Second Prize: Collage by ADFT Students
  • Second Prize: Group Song by Civil Students
  • Third Prize: Flameless Cooking by ADFT students
  • Third Prize: Solo song by ADFT Students
  • Third Prize: Short Movie by ADFT students

Glory of winning overall trophy for the third time

VISAI - 2016

Polytechnic students are participated at VISAI – 2016, Chennai and won special prize in project exhibition.

  • DL based accident avoidance system by Manjunath K & Group, CS
  • Accident Detection and curve management by Rakesh M & Group, EC
  • Accident preventing system in Train by Supreeth B V & Group, EC
National Level Technical Projects competition organised at VELTECH University, Chennai on 23rd & 24th Feb 2015.
  • First prize: Automated power generation using load sensor, footstep using Piezoelectric, speed breaker in toll system, controlled by RFID & GSM by Mr. Sagar & Group VI Sem / CS
  • First Prize: Automated power generation using load sensor, footstep using Piezoelectric, speed breaker in toll system, controlled by RFID & GSM by Mr. Girish & Group VI Sem / EC
Inter College cultural Fest organized by V E T First Grade College on 04th Feb 2015
  • First Prize: Fashion show by Miss. Gopika & Group VI sem ADFT
  • First Prize: NFS Dance by Mr. Mohammed Ibrahim, II Sem / CS
Baldwin Inter college Fest TORQUE-2015
  • First Prize: Fashion show by Ms. Gopika S & Group ( students from ADFT, ME & CE
  • First Prize: Ekabana by Ms. Samrudha P B & Ms. Gopika S, VI Sem / FT
  • Second Prize: Group Dance by Ms. Madhuri P & Group, VI sem / CP
  • Second Prize: Dumbcharades by Ms. Arpitha T A Group , VI Se CS
  • Second Prize: Mehendi by Ms. Ranjitha V , VI Sem / FT
  • Second Prize: Flameless Cooking by Ms. Deepika M & Ms. Samrudha P B , VI Sem / FT
  • Second Prize: Solo Song Mr. . Akhilesh Kumar , IV Sem / ME
  • Second Prize: Mad adds by Mr. Umesh M & Group , FT Students
  • Second Prize: Foot loose by Ms. Gopika S , VI Sem / FT
  • Second Prize: Face Painting by Ms. Gopika , VI Sem / FT
  • Third Prize: Group Song by Ms. Radha V Bhat & Group, VI Sem / CE
  • Third Priz: Rangoli by Ms. Dimple & Group , FT Students
  • First Prize: Intelligent breaking system and fire protection Volvo bus by Mr. Vasanth Kumar & Group, VI Sem / EC
  • Consolation Prize: Smart Irrigation System by Ms. Roopa & Group , VI Sem / EC

Won overall Trophy for best performance & participation At Engineer Fair organized by Sir VITM, Bangalore on 16th, 17th & 18th March 2015

Torque 2014 organized by Baldwin Polytechnic, Bangalore on 7th & 8th Feb 2014, Overall Best Prize for various competitions viz., Group Dance, Cooking Without Fire, Collage, Debate, Foot Loose, Face Painting, Dumb Chards by FT and CP students.

Tantrik Sourabha – 2014 National Level Technical Paper Presentation / Project Exhibition held at Nidasoshi Polytechnic, Hukkeri, Belgaum on 07th March 2014 and won First Prize for Project Smart Phone based Automated Irrigation System by Sudharshan .L & Somashekar .B.S of Computer Science Department.

VISAI-2014 organized at VELTECH UNIVERSITY at Chennai on 23rd & 24th Feb 2014, and several prizes as follows

Best Team Work Award

Project: Surveillance Robot

Members – Damodaran R, Mathew Steven D, Gowthami K Murthy, Shivaraju K M, Meghanath Rao.

Best Project Display Award

Project: Advance Intelligent Theatre

Members – Kiran Kumar V, Dinesh Chandra P S, Gowthami Deshpande, Koushik K, Nithesh R, Anitha R

Third Prize

Project: All Terrain Multi-Tasking remotely operated vehicle (Amphibian Robo)

Team Members – Bharath Kumar S, Ashwini K, Shashi Kumar S, Suresh C, Bhavani V

Consolation Prize

Project : E-money Technology

Members – Shiva Kumar P, Sandeep C, Sandeep M, Umesh K, Manjunath S, Devendra M

Sixth Semester Fashion Technology students won the Second prize with cash award of Rs. 10,000/- at fashion show organized by Dream Zone at Shikshakara Bhavana, Bangalore

At Engineer Fair organized at Sir VITM, Bangalore, from 23rd to 25th May 2013 and several prizes won by Electronics & Communication Engg. as follows:

  • First Prize Name: Raitha Mithra Team Members: Sri. Sachin Kumar & Kum. Vibhashree B V
  • Second Prize Project Name: Mining Robo Team.
  • Fourth Prize Project Name: Baby Pram Team Members: Pavan Kumar A & Praveen C
  • Sri. Sachin Kumar won First Prize in Paper Presentation on Water Management
  • Sri. Nagarjun T & Sri. Praveen C won the first prize in the quiz competition
  • AVISHKAR-2013 held at ML Bharatesh Polytechnic, Belagaum on 8th & 9th April 2013 and won the First Prize for the project Android Controlled Robot by Sri. Suryakanthan K &Sri. Saravana V of Computer Science Department
  • TECHNOVISION-2013 held at C B Kore Polytechnic, Chikkodi on 5th April 2013 and won Third Prize for the Project Baby Pram by Sri. Pavan Kumar A & Sri. Praveen C of Electronics & Communication Engg. Department.
  • National Level Seminar on Energy Environment & Engg. held at Karpagam Polytechnic College, Coimbatore on 02nd Feb 2013, won First Prize by Sri. Suryakanthan K &Sri. Saravana V of Computer Science Department.
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