VET BVL Polytechnic


Each Department is having well equipped laboratory as per syllabus.

Computer Lab

Well equipped computer lab to provide a congenial learning environment. The user policy services are provided to defined community for internet access, hardware or software optimized task or processes, computer aided designing, 3D designing and Programming are some of the various multipurpose activities conducted. Computer lab consists of a sufficient number of desktops with internet-enabled accessibility of 150 Mbps speed, Projectors, and printer which augments the lab setup. It is well ventilated and maintained.

Electronics Lab

We have Electronics Lab comprises of high scope in learning from Basic Practical’s like soldering of components to servicing of equipments provided. We have Basic Electrical & Electronics lab, Analog & Digital lab, Digital Electronics,PCB Designing & fabrication lab, Hardware & Networking lab.

Mechanical Lab

Fully equipped Workshops & labs for training & production of various components, testing & servicing. All basic mechanical operations & the process can be done to produce components. Basic workshops like Fitting, Carpentary, Foundry, Forging, Sheet metal & welding & also labs like Thermal Engineering, Mechanical testing, Hydraulics etc are provided to the mechanical students to give curriculum based education.

Civil Lab

Well equipped Civil Labs which includes Material Testing lab, Construction Workshops & Survey Practice lab with Modern instruments like Total Station & GPS Navigator, EDM in Survey Practice lab.

Designing lab

Our designing lab is mainly used for sketching, draping and pattern making, with sufficient drawing tables, drafting tables, dress forms, mannequins and display fixtures.

Textile lab

Well-equipped textile lab to conduct fiber, yarn and fabric testing, wherein various pretreatments and post treatments of textile materials are conducted.

Sewing Lab

Garment construction lab with full-fledged machineries like domestic and power operated, over lock and pressing machineries to manufacture garments.

Commercial Practice Lab

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