VET BVL Polytechnic

Teaching Staff

With the objective of making VET BVL Polytechnic as one of the top polytechnic colleges in J P Nagar, Bangalore, the teaching staff is selected with emphasis on aptitude, experience and excellence in their fields.The faculty are continuously trained in advanced teaching techniques by encouraging their active participation in teaching related seminars, symposia and workshops. Constantly, they are equipped with the latest techniques in teaching on specific subjects through access to specialized information. In essence, they form the most dedicated lot, committed to their profession of teaching.They strive for the success of their students by following the best teaching practices.

Teaching staff

Sl.No Name of the Staff Designation Department Qualification Total Years of Experience
1. Dr. Sreelatha G Principal CP M.Com, Ph.D 24 Years
2. Anitha B G HOD CS B.E 24 Years
3. Rashmi D Lecturer CS BE 9 Years
4. Jahan Ara Lecturer CS B.E 19 Years
5. Shobha H Y Asst. Lecturer & System Admin CS B.Sc (CS) 15 Years
6. Geetha V HOD EC B.E 29 Years
7. Venkataraju B.K HOD ME M. Tech 24 Years
8. Veena Kumari HOD CP M. Com 24 Years
9. Devika Iyer V Lecturer CP MA, M.Ed 1 Years
10. Asha S Lecturer CP Dip. In CP, B.Com 2 Years
11. Swarna Gowri H.P Lecturer CP M.Com Fresher
12. Umme Salma HOD ADFT Dip. In ADFT, B.Sc 3 Years
13. Sumithra.J Lecturer ADFT B.Sc Fresher
14. Hamsini Lecturer ADFT B.Sc Fresher
15. Nagashree. C Lecturer ADFT Dip. In ADFT Fresher

Instructional Staff

Sl.No Name of the Staff Designation Department Qualification Total Years of Experience
1. Dhakshayani Instructor EC Diploma in EC 14 Years
2. Raghavenra Rao V Instructor ME Diploma ME 5 Years
3. Mallesha N Mechanic ADFT Trade 14 Years
4. Mallikarjuna.A Instructor CP Diploma in CP 1 Years
5. Srinivasan K Asst Instructor ME PUC, Electricial 2 Years
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